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Union Pool is a revolutionary concept unlike anything else in the pool and spa industry. Union partners with retailers to collaborate on strategies that help set them apart from their competitors. We take a product focused approach to help our dealers grow their businesses and make them more profitable.

Buying Power
Union works with a large group of retailers to combine purchases and negotiate volume deals with only the industry’s best suppliers. Our pooled volume not only allows our dealers to reduce their cost on several items that they already purchase, but it also allows them to access new products that weren’t previously available to them.

Dealer Support
When building programs, we ensure that we work with suppliers that share our customer service philosophy. We appreciate how difficult it is being on the front lines, so we provide our dealers with all the support they require to help make their business run smoothly. If our dealers encounter a problem with one of their products, our suppliers will do whatever is necessary to get consumers swimming so our dealers can move on to their next project. The best part is that Union helps to handle warranty and service issues. This extra layer of protection makes Union dealers the industry’s best at servicing their customers.

Marketing Support
The Union currently works with several retailers to build marketing campaigns that help promote our dealer’s brand. Not the brand of the manufacturer, or another marketing group that consumers don’t recognize. Consistency, longevity, and a focused message to consumers are the most important components of building a brand. Many dealers have invested years of their time and money into their retail brand. To change directions or dilute their message would only confuse consumers. Local markets support local businesses, and by simply elevating the branding that our dealers have already built equity in, results are achieved immediately.

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Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools and Liners

The above ground pool market has changed dramatically over the years. It has seen unprecedented consolidation leaving dealers with very few options. Dealers often don’t have the ability to differentiate their offering with their competitors causing them to sell on price and reducing margins significantly.

Finally, there is another option! Union has introduced a new line of above ground pools to the market so dealers have a choice. These pools are competitively priced so Union dealers can compete with even their biggest competitors. We also carry a wide selection of above ground liner patterns to complement these pools.

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Inground Liners

Inground Liners

Vinyl liners are a product of great strategic importance for pool retailers. They are a big ticket item which can provide businesses with excellent profit margins. They also require measurement and installation expertise, and as a result they are one of the few products that often can’t be purchased online. Most liners have to be replaced every 10 years or so, making them much less dependent on economic health.

However pricing on vinyl liners has risen dramatically over the last 10 years. We have negotiated aggressive pricing, we have sourced some fresh new patterns, and we have provided some new marketing strategies to help grow liner sales and profits for our dealers.

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Safety Covers

Safety Covers

Like with our other products, Union has pooled dealer purchases to negotiate aggressive prices on safety covers while maintaining the product quality required to withstand harsh Canadian winters. All of Union’s safety covers meet or exceed ASTM standards and they ship within days of order approval. But best of all, we have simplified the quoting process so that dealers can price covers to their customers on the spot! No need to request a quote from your supplier and call the customer back the next day. Union dealers can produce quotes in seconds which not only saves time and work, but it helps them get more safety cover deals done.

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